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Interview with Dirk Schuebel: Talking with Europeans about Moldovans. Info-Prim Neo. 31.12.2010. 31.12.2010
Dirk Schuebel, head of the EU Delegation to Moldova
Interview with Dan Dungaciu: Republic of Moldova's European vector from the point of view of the Presidential Adviser Dan Dungaciu. Vocea Basarabiei. 05.09.2010. 05.09.2010
*Transcript of a radio broadcast, from September 5th2010, produces by the Foreign Policy Association (APE) in collaboration with Imedia News and Analysis Agency and with the assistance of the German Foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). The broadcast is aired on Radio Vocea Basarabiei every Sunday.
Interview with Victor Chirila and Nicu Popescu: Impact of recent tensions between Chisinau and Moscow upon the pragmatic development of Moldo-Russian relations. Vocea Basarabiei. 25.07.2010. 25.07.2010
The theme of our program today will be devoted to Republic of Moldova's relations with the Russian Federation taking into account that some elements of tension have recently emerged in the relations between Chisinau and Moscow. Our guests in the studio are Mr. Nicu Popescu, Advisor to the Prime Minister on foreign policy matters and Mr. Victor Chirilă, Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Association. Hello and welcome to our program!
Interview with Andrei Popov: Republic of Moldova's relations with Ukraine, Russia, Romania: developments and prospects. Vocea Basarabiei. 11.07.2010. 15.07.2010
n today's show I would like to present you a discussion with Mr. Andrei Popov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. In today's discussion we shall cover issues regarding Republic of Moldova’s relations with Ukraine, Russia and Romania. So, lately discussions about part of the Odessa-Reni road, crossing Republic of Moldova near the village of Palanca, Stefan Voda district, have once again caught the attention of public opinion. Although joint expert groups appear to have reached an agreement on Palanca dossier, certain political forces in Kiev, said that the deal would prejudice the interests of Ukraine and even called for creating a special commission in the Ukrainian Rada.
Kalman Mizsei: In the Transnistrian settlement process interests of both Chisinau and Tiraspol are important. Infotag. 01.07.2010. 01.07.2010
Interview with European Union Special Representative for Moldova Kalman Mizsei.
Interview with Victor Chirila and Iulian Fruntasu: Negotiations on liberalization of visa regime between Republic of Moldova and the European Union. Vocea Basarabiei. 13.06.2010. 13.06.2010
Corneliu RUSNAC: Today we are going to discuss about the negotiations on liberalization of visa regime between Republic of Moldova and the EU which is to be launched on June 15th in Luxembourg within the Republic of Moldova-EU Cooperation Committee. Our guests in the studio are Mr. Iulian Fruntaşu, Advisor to the Prime Minister on policy issues and Mr. Victor Chirilă, Executive Director of the Foreign Policy Association. Hello!
Interview with Vlad Filat: Government has ensured Moldova's survival and started its development. Infotag. 02.06.2010. 02.06.2010
Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat
Interview with Victor Osipov: Results of the bilateral consultations tour on the transnistrian issue. Vocea Basarabiei. 16.05.2010. 16.05.2010
In today's show I would like to present you a discussion with Mr. Victor Osipov, Deputy Prime Minister, responsible within the government for the settlement of the transnistrian problem. Recently Victor Osipov visited Brussels and Washington where he met senior officials from EU and U.S. I asked Mr. Osipov what was the purpose and what were the results of these visits?
Interview with Andrei Popov: Evolution of Republic of Moldova’s Diplomatic Relations with Romania, Ukraine and Russia. Vocea Basarabiei. 21.04.2010. 19.04.2010
Corneliu RUSNAC, Moderator IMEDIA: Good day dear listeners! I am Corneliu Rusnac and I invite you to a broadcast of discussions on topics of foreign policy, produced with the support of the „Foreign Policy Association” and financed by „Friedrich Ebert” Foundation.  In today's show I
Interview with Victor Osipov: Moldova Deputy PM: Transnistria is a European 19.04.2010. 19.04.2010
With the Lisbon Treaty, the European Union has more capacity and more powerful tools to establish more of a presence and play a more effective role in resolving Transnistria's frozen conflict, Victor Osipov, deputy prime minister of Moldova, told EurActiv in an exclusive interview. Born in
End of Year Interview with Ms. Melanie Marlett, World Bank Country Manager for Moldova. Interlic. 05.02.2010. 05.02.2010
Actually, the entire period has been one continuous highlight for me. I arrived in Moldova during the summer of 2007 when Moldova was facing one of the worst droughts in history. That summer was a very challenging one for the entire country. The Bank responded with support for irrigation through the Rural Investment Support project. In 2008, we had the floods and soaring global food prices. The Bank, working with UNICEF, responded with food supplements for mothers and children in need as well as with cash transfers to social institutions. And, of course, 2009 was a year when Moldova was hit hard by the global economic crisis while also going through an extended political transition. The World Bank has responded swiftly with financial support and expertise to address the effects of the crisis.
Interview with Pavel Telicka: EU will not say "no" to a country ready for accession. Infotag. 22.01.2010. 22.01.2010
Exclusive interview given by Pavel Telicka, former chief negotiator of the Czech Republic with EU, first Czech European Commissioner in Romano Prodi’s cabinet
Interview with Victor Chirila: “Development of foreign relations will depend on internal situation.” Info-Prim Neo. 06.01.2010. 06.01.2010
The general conclusion is that it was a difficult year. First of all, because the internal events, in particular the election campaign, were negatively affected by our foreign policy, especially in the first half of 2009. Owing to the political instability, Moldova’s relations with the EU were close to becoming frozen. For example, the European officials permanently postponed the talks on the Association Agreement with the EU, until the clarification of the situation.
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Victor Chirila, Moldova – The Falling Star of the Eastern Partnership (EaP), APE/BST, 16.06.2015. 16.06.2015 // 451.926Kb

In the wake of the EaP Summit in Vilnius that took place on 28-29 November 2013, Moldova was considered the brightest star of the EaP. Its merits were evident. It initialed the Association Agreement (AA) including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Aria (DCFTA) with the EU concluded successfully the
APE Policy Paper: The Transnistrian Settlement in Stalemate. APE/FEE. 25.05.2015 25.05.2015 // 329.392Kb

In 2014, the small-step policy of engagement with the Transnistrian administration has stalled. The consultations in the "5+2" format were discontinued and discussions on the political and security issues remained blocked. The sectorial cooperation between both banks has generally known no development. The joint working groups met without deciding anything
Victor Chirila: Towards a new European Neighbourhood Policy: A Moldovan perspective. APE/BST. 25.05.2015. 25.05.2015 // 282.596Kb

Moldova supports the ENP as a general policy framework for its members, nevertheless, it is pledging for a clear cut distinction between ENP’s South and East dimensions, between the Eastern Partnership and the Mediterranean Union, between the European and non-European neighbours of the EU. Moreover, past five year have shown
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The new presidents of Bulgaria and Moldova are less pro-Russian than advertised.The Economist. 14.11.2016 11.11.2016
Victoria Bucataru of the Foreign Policy Association, a Moldovan think-tank, suspects that Mr Dodon and Mr Plahotniuc had “a secret alliance” to stop Ms Sandu and her reform agenda. She anticipates that Mr Dodon will follow his announced first visit to Moscow with a reassuring one to Brussels. His election
Moldova Elections Aren’t About Europe or Russia. They’re About Moldova.Andrew Kolb.German Marshall Fund. 10.11.2016 11.11.2016
After this week’s U.S. election, not many in the United States or Western Europe are focused on the elections that are taking place in Moldova. Those who have been following saw a fascinating political drama unfold, as Maia Sandu took 38 percent of the vote to Socialist Party’s Igor
Crisis in Moldova. A republic, if you can steal it. The Economist. 30.01.2016 01.02.2016
IN 1918 the then three-month-old Moldovan republic gave up the struggle for survival and united with neighbouring Romania. It is a sign of how dire things are today, says Iulian Fota, a Romanian analyst, that people are talking about doing so again. Ever since 2014, when the embezzlement of about
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REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL, Fourth Report on the implementation by the Republic of Moldova of the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation. 21.06.2013. 21.06.2013 // 215.386Kb

Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in 2012 Regional Report: Eastern Partnership, Brussels, 20.3.2013, SWD(2013) 85 final 21.03.2013

Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in Republic of Moldova, Progress in 2012 and recommendations for action, Brussels, 20.3.2013, SWD(2013) 80 final 21.03.2013 // 203.862Kb

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Frontiers of Democracy:Embedding Democratic Values in Central and Eastern Europe. Good practices and limits of transferability/ CEU/Visegrad Fund/APE. Edited by Bogdan Mihai Radu and Zsuzsanna Végh 02.02.2017
Democratization is a complex process that entails both critical choices of new institutions, and the rooting of those institutions in the societal ethos. Much of the literature on democratic transition, consolidation and Europeanization has been dominated by the study of legal and institutional crafting, especially concerning the post-communist and post-Soviet
Corneiul Ciurea: Confidence-Building in Moldova: Domestic and External Security Challenges. EU/ CIPDD/ APE/ PIC /EaP/ CSF 25.08.2016
Moldova’s security requires a consistent response to home-grown corruption and the risk of resulting political destabilisation along side the risks posed by the Russia Ukraine conflict and information warfare. Confidence-Building in Moldova:Domestic and External Security Challenges assesses the priorities for a security strategy to rebuild trust among citizens and strengthen
Dovilė Šukytė,Victoria Bucătaru,Simonas Čepėnas,Hennadiy Maksak,Svetlana Rogov,Iurii VdovenkoECONOMIC CHALLENGES OF UKRAINE AND MOLDOVA ON THE WAY TO EU. 22.02.2016 // 922.737Kb

The study is a result of the Capacity Building for Moldovan and Ukrainian NGOs to Assess the Economic Impact of Politically Motivated Actions project made possible by the re-granting mechanism of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, which includes assistance of the European Union and the National Endowment for Democracy.
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Weekly Radio Programme 01.02.2009

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