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STATEMENT by Mr. Andrei STRATAN at the Closing Session of the 16th OSCE Ministerial Council Meeting (Helsinki, 5 December 2008) 08.12.2008
We call once again on all involved actors to engage actively in the discussions for the substitution of the military contingents in the Security Zone by a multinational civil mission under an international mandate. We reiterate our position concerning the full, early and unconditional withdrawal of the all military forces and ammunition of the Russian Federation from the territory of the Republic of Moldova in compliance with the obligations undertaken in the framework of the OSCE Summits. This will provide the necessary ground for the ratification by the Republic of Moldova of the Adapted CFE Treaty.
STATEMENT by H. E. Mr. Andrei STRATAN, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, at the 16th OSCE Ministerial Council (Helsinki, 4-5 December 2008) 05.12.2008
We fully share the concerns expressed by our colleagues about the critical situation of the Adapted CFE Treaty which we all consider it as a cornerstone of the European security. Withdrawal of the Russian military forces and ammunition from Moldova, in compliance with the obligations undertaken in the framework of the OSCE Summits, must take place unconditionally, completely and transparently. We highly appreciate the continued engagement of OSCE Member States that have contributed to the OSCE’s Voluntary Fund for Moldova to support the withdrawal process.
Joint Statement Concerning Forthcoming Parliamentary Elections in the Republic of Moldova. 25.11.2008
We, the Heads of Missions of EU Member States, the Delegation of the European Commission and the European Union Special Representative's office residing in the Republic of Moldova,-  with reference to paragraph 2 of the Conclusions on the Republic of Moldova of the Council of the European Union of October 13th, 2008,- recalling our joint declaration of July 17th, 2008,- recalling commitments to OSCE, other international standards for elections as well as the commitments contained in the EU-Republic of Moldova Partnership and Cooperation Agreement of November 1994,- noting that preparations...
"Who's Next? The Russian Initiative in Moldova". Statement by Ambassador William H. Hill at the briefing held by the U.S. Helsinki Commission 24.09.2008
With respect to Moldova in 2008, the absence of a solution to the Transnistrian question will be better than a bad solution that cripples the country's chances for reform and integration into Europe as a whole. For any settlement to succeed, Russia must be a part - but so must the rest of Europe and the North Atlantic community, i.e. the EU and US.
Statement by Nicolae Chirtoaca, Ambassador of Moldova to the United States at the briefing held by the U.S. Helsinki Commission 24.09.2008
It is an honor and a privilege to appear before you today to discuss the issues related to democracy development in my country the Republic of Moldova fro mthe perspective of approaching 2009 parliamentary elections and taking into consideration the changing geopolitical environment in the East of Europe caused by the recent Georgia crisis that has a direct impact on the settlement of the so called "frozen conflcts" in the ex-Soviet space.
Statement by Vlad Lupan, Independent Expert from Moldova at the briefing held by the U.S. Helsinki Commission 24.09.2008
Thank you for the possibility to share my views about the democracy in Moldova, as well as for the concern that the Commission shows for my country. I hope this extremely encouraging attitude continues and the Commission will organize a hearing on Moldovan matters ahead of 2009 elections. I would also like to thank the Moldova Foundation based in Washington for assisting me in attending this session. I do not intend to speak about the comparative successes of the current Government versus existing problems, as the Government has the opportunity to promote its point of view extensively through the existing network of official visits and meetings. The civil society has fewer possibilities. Therefore I will go to the point and focus mainly on those concrete shortcomings that present a serious concern for democracy in Moldova.
The Position of a Group of Experts Regarding the Impact of the Georgian Crisis on the Republic of Moldova 26.08.2008
The armed conflict between Russia and Georgia has produced a major political-military crisis capable of generating profound transformations in the system of international relations. Rapid and fundamental degradation of institutional cooperation mechanisms and relations between Russia, on the one part, and the European Union and NATO, on the other, marks the beginning of a new period of confrontation, with serious implications for regional security and stability. The Georgian crisis threatens stability of many post-Soviet countries that Russia unilaterally perceives as being part of its paramount sphere of interests. These countries face separatist conflicts that have been initiated and supported politically, economically and militarily by the Russian Federation. The armed conflict between Georgia and Russia has clearly demonstrated the role of Russia as a party in these conflicts and highlighted the limitations of the existing system for ensuring stability in the frozen conflict zones.
Speech by U.S. Charge d'Affaires on July 4, 2008 04.07.2008
Perhaps, these commonalities explain the affinity between the United States and Moldova, and provide a basis for America’s continued interest in the future of Moldova. Perhaps, they explain why Americans, both through our government and as private citizens, maintain partnerships and friendships with the Moldovan people and support your progress along the path of democratic development.
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