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Prima / Proiecte / Dialoguri Transnistrene 2010-2011 / Activităţi
Toate / 2011 / 2010
Agenda, Policy Seminar: Regional Cooperation - an opportunity for promoting cooperation between local authoritiesfrom both banks of Dniester/Nistru River. Odesa, 25-26 februarie 2011. 01.03.2011
Agenda of the Policy Seminar: The Role of Banking Sector in Developing Small and Medium Enterprises on both banks of Dniester/Nistru River. APE. 11.02.2011. 18.02.2011
Presentation Odessa November 2010,Chris Cosgrove, CTA Economic and Export Analysts LTD, Moldova - EU DCFTA Overview, framework and standards 08.11.2010
Presentation Odessa November 2010, Alexander Di Leonardo, Assistant to the General Management of Danube Logistics, GIURGIULESTI INTERNATIONAL FREE PORT 08.11.2010
Presentation Odessa November 2010, Ministry of Ecionomy, DCFTA Costs Benefits 08.11.2010
Presentation Odessa November 2010. Henrik Isakson, trade economist 08.11.2010
Agenda, Policy Seminar: A Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area; investment and business development opportunities for economic authorities and companies from Moldova and Transnistria, Odessa 5-6 November 2010 08.11.2010
Presentation Odessa 5-6 November 2010, Ministry of Economy, DCFTA 08.11.2010
List of Participants, Visit of delegation of Moldavian and Transdnistrian journalists to Kyiv, 15-16 october 2010 02.11.2010
List of Participants
KIEV IN FALL. Novaya Online Gazeta Transnistria. APE, Transnistrian Dialogues. 20.10.2010 02.11.2010
Kiev has a wonderful aura. There is a smell of coffee in the outdoor air. It would be great to take a walk, but the evening on the 14th was a working one. Having been accommodated at the hotel "Rusi", which is not far from Kreshchatik, we have had a thorough discussion with experts in different areas: Andrey Didenko, Jaroslav Dovgopol and Natalia Belitser. We and they are interested in what are the relations between Chisinau and Tiraspol, where the media feel freer, how the economy works. We particularly wanted to find out how is the Moldovan-Transnistrian problem perceived in Kiev. The conversation was lively, sometimes - polemical.
Alina Turcanu: Ukraine supports the policy of small steps regarding Transnistrian problem. 21/10/2010. 02.11.2010
Ukrainian authorities hope that formal negotiations on the Transnistrian issue in the "5+2" format, stopped in 2006, will be resumed after the election of a new Parliament of Republic of Moldova. Until then, officials in Kiev encourage Chisinau and Tiraspol to continue with the “small steps policy”. However, Ukrainian officials believe that the Moldovan-Ukrainian bilateral dialogue is sluggish because of Chisinau.
Agenda of the visit of delegation of Moldavian and Transdnistrian journalists to Kyiv, 15-16 October 2010 02.11.2010
Эксклюзивное интервью Дмитрия Данилова. Şcoala de Vară, Dialoguri Transnistrene APE. 13.08.2010. 20.08.2010
Agenda Transnistrian Dialogues, Summer School (9-14 august 2010) 16.08.2010
Agenda Şcolii de Vară Dialoguri Transnistrene (9-14 august 2010) 16.08.2010
Prima / Proiecte / Dialoguri Transnistrene 2010-2011 / Activităţi
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