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Home / Analyses / OSCE Summit in Astana - an important opportunity to resume negotiations in the "5+2" format. APE. 11.11.2010.
OSCE Summit in Astana - an important opportunity to resume negotiations in the "5+2" format. APE. 11.11.2010.
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During this year, there were a series of events, both domestically and internationally, which resulted in the resumption of the permanent "5+2" dialogue as well as the fulfillment of certain concrete promises, such as for example, to resume passenger transportation on the Tiraspol-Chisinau-Odessa railroad. But there were some incidents caused by the transnistrian side, which disrupted the consultation process by creating artificial tensions. However, uncontrolled escalation of the conflict situations was successfully avoided. This is due, in large part, to the balanced and constructive attitude demonstrated by the Chisinau authorities this year.

We believe that success achieved during this year creates good preconditions for the resumption of formal negotiations in the "5+2" format and the OSCE Summit in Astana on 1-2 of December 2010 has an important role to give a strong thrust for this to actually happen in the near future.

This thrust should materialize in the form of a Declaration of the OSCE Summit on Moldova that would call upon all the actors involved in the "5+2" format to make every effort to unconditionally and promptly resume formal negotiations in order to find a viable and equitable political solution to the transnistrian problem.

We also consider that is very important that the OSCE Summit Declaration on Moldova should reflect the progress achieved this year in the running of the dialogue between Chisinau and Tiraspol, and especially to reiterate important elements/principles set out in the Declaration of May 17th 2010 by EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Baroness Catherine Ashton regarding the transnistrian issue, Statements by Medvedev - Yanukovych of May 17th 2010, Medvedev - Merkel of June 5th 2010, Medvedev - Merkel - Sarkozy in Deauville of October 19th 2010 and not least the U.S. Statement made at the OSCE Permanent Council on 19th of September 2010, namely:

1. Unconditional and prompt resumption of formal negotiations in the "5+2" format, respecting the fundamental principles - sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Moldova;

2. Transparent conduct of the negotiations in the "5+2" format;

3. Constructive commitment of all parties involved in the negotiation process;

4. Transformation of the Russian peacekeeping mission in a mission of civilian observers under an international mandate;

5. Principled availability of the mediator states, Russia and Ukraine, to participate in the transformation of the Russian peacekeeping mission;
6. Boosting and expanding the activities of joint expert working groups created between Chisinau and Tiraspol in areas such as trade and economic cooperation, transport, social-humanitarian sector etc.;

7. Implementation - with international assistance – of a comprehensive set of measures / actions / projects aimed at confidence-building between Moldova and the transnistrian region;

8. Respect for human rights in the transnistrian region. Mediators and observers should be invited to make every effort to ensure respect for human rights in the transnistrian region;

9. Full withdrawal from the territory of the Republic of Moldova of Russian ammunition (20,000 tons) and the Russian military contingent that ensures security of the respective munitions in accordance with the commitments taken by the Russian Federation at the OSCE Summit in Istanbul in 1999.

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Home / Analyses / OSCE Summit in Astana - an important opportunity to resume negotiations in the "5+2" format. APE. 11.11.2010.
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