Bogumil Luft: Combating of corruption is a condition for Moldova to come closer to EU. Info-Prim Neo. 29.07.2011.
01.08.2011 ,

Combating of corruption is one of the main conditions that Moldova must fulfill in order to come closer to the European Union, Polish Ambassador to Moldova Bogumil Luft said in a meeting of the Press Club of the Foreign Policy Association.

“This objective cannot be achieved only by the effort of those who govern. This is a problem that should involve civil society, the mass media and all the people of the state. A change of mentality is needed and this is not an easy task,” said the Polish diplomat.

According to Bogumil Luft, Moldova needs transformation and reforms. One of them is the reform of the legal system. It is hard to implement the program of reforms when there is no political stability in the county. That’s why the ruling political forces should be united. Political stability is needed in order to accelerate the implementation of reforms, he stated.

The ambassador also said that an administrative reform is also needed to create a real local self-government system with financial possibilities and autonomy in the areas stipulated by the law.

Bogumil Luft gave as example Poland’s experience in the field, saying the administrative reform of the 1990s was a great chance for developing the country. “The people become responsible for the local problems and make effort to use instruments for solving them. It is not so hard to implement this reform because it does not imply costs, but only well-thought-out legislative initiatives,” he said.

The July 28 meeting of the Foreign Policy Association’s Press Club centered on the priorities of the Polish presidency of the Council of the European Union that will last by December 31, 2011. 

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