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Prima / Declaraţii / Declaration of the Civil Society regarding the Red lines on the Transnistrian Settlement. Chisinau, August 21st, 2016
Declaration of the Civil Society regarding the Red lines on the Transnistrian Settlement. Chisinau, August 21st, 2016
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Recognizing the importance of sustainable settlement of the Transnistrian conflict through dialogue and political negotiations;

Appreciating the efforts of the European Union, United States, Ukraine and the OSCE to find a lasting political solution to the Transnistrian conflict by respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova;

Supporting the confidence building measures among civil society, businesses and Moldovan citizens from the both sides of the Dniester River;

Welcoming the initiative of the German Presidency of the OSCE to resume political consultations in the "5 +2" format as well as to give an impetus to the sector working groups’ meetings between representatives of the central authorities of Moldova and the representatives of the de facto administration of the Transnistrian region of Moldova;

We also express our deep concern with the isolation of Moldova in the "5 +2" format by multiplying the pressure on its constitutional authorities to urge them to make unilateral concessions incompatible with the norms and principles of international law that could seriously harm future negotiations status of Transnistria within Moldova. The result of these pressures can later serve as a precedent for other areas and frozen conflicts;

We appeal to the mediators and observers of the "5 +2" format to take into account the norms of international law in the resolution of this conflict that was escalated by the illegal foreign military presence on the territory of our country and to avoid supporting any settlements that are not in line with the principles of international and European experience of unity through diversity, respect for recognized borders of the nation states and which would only encourage separatism and territorial disintegration of Moldova;

We draw attention of the international partners that by compelling unilateral concessions from the part of Moldova, represented by the internationally recognized legitimate authorities, it will not contribute in any case to the lasting resolution of the Transnistrian conflict, rather it will ensure the conservation of the conflict. Moreover, by satisfying unjustified claims of the Transnistrian separatist administration that coincides fully with the interests of the Russian Federation to re-assert its geopolitical dominance over the ex-Soviet space, OSCE, EU and other international organizations put their prestige, resources and authority at the service of the Russian revisionist policy that presents security risks for the Eastern Partnership countries, as well as for the whole of Eastern Europe;

We call on the Moldovan authorities to not recognize statehood elements of secessionist Transnistrian region nor in or out the "5+2" format, regardless of charming promises and chancelleries from where those promises come. The main priority of the reintegration policy of Moldova must be the protection of civil and political rights of its citizens that live in the Transnistrian region, defusing conflict hotbeds and unconditional, total and full withdrawal of the foreign troops, their ammunition and combat equipment, intelligence services, as well as of all other hostile forces from its sovereign territory. The obligations of the Moldovan authorities are prescribed by the Constitution, the relevant legislation and international conventions to which Moldova is party. Any concessions that would exceed the limits of the territorial-administrative autonomy in the composition of Moldova should be dismissed or suspended immediately;

President of Moldova is the only institution that guarantees the sovereignty and independence of the state. That’s why Moldovan authorities must categorically reject any unilateral guarantees invoked, proposed or haggled in the process of the Transnistrian political settlement that have not been endorsed by the President and the Parliament of Moldova and that could serve only the interests of foreign actors as a pretext and instrument for intervention and capturing our state;

We insist on the principle of demilitarization of the Transnistrian region, the withdrawal of Russian troops and combat equipment is a key prerequisite for sustainable, comprehensive and definitive political settlement. Foreign military forces present on the territory of Moldova without the agreement of the constitutional authorities are illegal, and their presence is contrary to the Constitution and unilaterally declared neutrality of Moldova;

Moldova recognizes the priority application of international conventions on human rights and freedoms throughout its sovereign territory, including the Transnistrian region. That’s why everyone who has violated the rights and civil liberties of citizens or have committed crimes, either to the right or left bank of the Nistru River, must be held accountable without pretending any exception from the law, as well as any kind of guarantees. It is recommended that any projects to promote confidence building, to deliver humanitarian assistance to the population or to build infrastructure, launched with the support of the development partners of Moldova have to contain clauses of non-recognition of the legitimacy of decisions taken by the Transnistrian separatist authorities;

Any policy to promote confidence must be based on the priority of promoting human rights, freedoms and legal remedies to redress any human rights abuses. Respecting international conventions on human rights, civil and political freedoms to which Moldova is part, must prevail over all other secondary topics regularly raised by the leaders of the Tiraspol administration during the negotiation process;

We believe that the access to international markets opened to the Transnistrian business by the Moldovan authorities and EU must be conditioned on the respect of legislation and rule of law of Moldova. Moldovan authorities should make clear that this access is due to the Association Agreement negotiated, signed, ratified and implemented by the Moldovan constitutional authorities and not by Tiraspol agreements with various unauthorized representatives with such mandate from EU. Access to the EU market is a good guaranteed by/within the national legislation of Moldova and not outside it. All those who show disrespect and defy Moldovan law must be deprived of access to privileged trade and economic agreements;

Moldova must continue the democratic process of devolution and decentralization, while strengthening the power of the state, enhancing public order and punish abuses, illegalities, corruption and other criminal offenses. No region, city or village located on the territory of Moldova can arrogate powers/rights that the supreme law of the country did not recognize. In this context, the fundamental obligation of negotiators on behalf of Moldova is to affirm and strengthen the unity and indivisibility of the state rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in the international and national laws;

Negotiation of any statute of territorial autonomy for Transnistria cannot question the sovereignty, independence, national unity and European integration policy of Moldova. Also negotiating the future state should be accompanied by wide public consultation and participation;

Finally, we appeal to the constitutional authorities to negotiate only with those representatives of the Transnistrian region who have not committed crimes, not persecuted Moldovan citizens and do not promote purposes contrary to the Constitution of Moldova.

This statement has been supported with signatures, including people of culture and science, diplomats, journalists and politicians.

The declaration remains open for signature supporters.


• Vasile Nedelciuc, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Association (APE)
• Ion Sturza, Chairman Fribourg Investments, Ex-Prime-Minister of Moldova, Member of APE
• Igor Munteanu, Executive Director, IDIS Viitorul
• Nicu Popescu, Member of APE
• Eugen Carpov, Deputy Prime-minister for Reintegration, Member of APE
• Victor Chirila, Executive Director APE
• Igor Boțan, Executive Director ADEPT
• Arcadie Barbăroșie, Executive Director IPP
• Nicolae Negru, Ziarul Național
• Ion Manole, Executive Director, Promo-Lex
• Petru Bogatu, Deputy Chairman, Union of Journalists of the Republic of Moldova
• Iurie Reniță, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the Kingdom of Belgium and Chief of Mission of the Republic of Moldova to NATO
• Mihai Gribincea, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Romania
• Leonid Litra, Senior Researcher, Institute of World Policy, Kiev
• Iurie Pîntea, Programs Director IPP
• Victoria Bucătaru, Programs Director APE
• Corneliu Ciurea, Political Analyst
• Pavel Postică, Promo-Lex
• Lilia Carasciuc, Transparency International – Moldova
• Petru Macovei, Association of Independent Press (API)
• Oazu Nantoi, Programs Director IPP
• Iulian Groza, Executive Director, Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE)
• Lilia Snegureac, Resources Center DIALOG-Pro
• Adrian Lupușor, Executive Director, Expert-Grup
• Liliana Vițu-Eșanu, Member of APE
• Ion Guzun, Legal Resources Center from Moldova
• Anatol Țăranu, Executive Director, Politicon
• Viorel Soltan, Center For Health Policies and Studies (PAS)
• Cornelia Cozonac, Center for Journalistic Investigations
• Petru Botnaru, Executive Director, ONG "Terra-1530"
• Ludmila Popovici, Executive Director, Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims "Memoria"
• Valentin Ciubotaru, Executive Director, NGO BIOS
• Ioana Bobina, Women’s Association for the Environment Protection and Sustainable Development (AFPMDD)
• Vitali Covaliov, Chairman, Union of the organizations of invalids of the Republic of Moldova
• Valeriu Rusu, AO ADR "Habitat"
• Angela Chicu, Chairman, Association of Business and Professional Women from Moldova
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Prima / Declaraţii / Declaration of the Civil Society regarding the Red lines on the Transnistrian Settlement. Chisinau, August 21st, 2016
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